Various Teaching and Non-Teaching Positions In Kashmir/School – Apply Now

The job-vacancy announcement for Alpha Public Secondary School Batapora, Hazratbal, adding skilled personnel and enthusiastic teams for Miscellaneous teaching and non-teaching positions. If you are someone with those required qualifications and experience, you can move on to the openings part or section that we have outlined further below.

Teaching Positions:

General Teacher: We are here to connect the teachers who are passionate and willing to teach on multiple subjects to our students. are you a person that has an extensive background in the field of your interest and is willing to employ your expertise in passing on your knowledge to the young minds we highly recommend that you apply.

Language Instructor: The competence in languages can not be underestimated for purposeful communication. Whether your competence in languages is English, Urdu, or the Kashmiri language and also if you know how to teach, then we would like to discuss this with you.

Science Educator: Science by definition has to do with amazement as much as it does with the uncovering of new discoveries. Get a chance to be part of our school teaching solutions if your skill is in translating the scientific concepts into the students level and making it engaging.

Mathematics Teacher: Large figures can freak you out but they will be a structure to be interested in with the right direction. Being interested in math and having the skill to make complex mathematical concepts understandable for students can lead to you being considered for this job if such a position is relevant to you.

Computer Instructor: In today’s information society, computer competence is mandatory standard of literacy. If you are savvy with the computer skills and you can relay this to students computer basics along with programming, do not hesitate to apply for this position.

Non-Teaching Positions:

Administrative Assistant: Such a productive school is only possible if it has a competent administrative staff. The main role would be to organize the tasks and to take on administrative assignments in a timely fashion. .

Librarian: Books serve as the eyeglasses to the world. For the sake of readers, if you believe in the power of reading and are willing to execute the library’s functions effectively, you are invited to send us an application for the position of Librarian.

Accountant: For any institution to run properly, its monetary management is one of the factors that play a fundamental role. If accounting is your strong suite and you can process financial transactions promptly, then this position could be perfect for you. Please make sure you apply for the Accountant role.

Driver: One of the primary responsibilities we take is ensuring that students are safely transported both to school and back. When you are a holder of a valid driving license and with a proof of a clean driving record, feel free to join our world as a school bus driver.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can submit their resumes in person at the office of Alpha Public Secondary School Batapora or via email at Please ensure that your resume reaches us by or before the 11th of March 2024. For any inquiries or further information, you can reach us at the following contact numbers: 9596187181 | 9541494917.

Join us in shaping the future generation and making a difference in the lives of young learners. We look forward to welcoming passionate individuals to our team at Alpha Public Secondary School Batapora, Hazratbal.

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